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Yes, fetta the cheese. If you came here looking for wholesale fetta or Halloumi and are now confused, 

If you are a buyer looking to purchase fetta cheese from Greece or Cyprus,
 please contact us here stating your requirements.

I bought this domain in 1998.

I use fetta cheese in salad, in case you didn't know, you crumble it on top of a mixed salad to make a Greek salad.

Greek Salad with fetta cheese and olives

I also bake it in Red peppers in the oven with olive oil drizzled over it and crumble it on pizza.

It keeps for ages in a brine solution I make in the fridge for ages.

The new breed of supermarket packaged fetta is too soft and creamy for my taste, I prefer the authentic crumbly texture of a village fetta, made with goats milk.

I haven't made fetta yet but intend to one day when I have the time and the goat. (Or maybe a sheep as Halloumi made with sheep's milk is ace)

My favourite goats are the Damascus ones with the droopy ears.


I am told by the dictionary that you spell fetta feta, which of course is nonsense, otherwise it would sound like feeta and that is the kind of fetta you wish to avoid.

Here's another goat picture by Jocelyne,
 just because I like it.

Goats in their natural habitat.

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